Studio Rotterdam for Rent

Studio Rotterdam

Studio Rotterdam for Rent
Studio Rotterdam for Rent

Are you looking for a studio in Rotterdam? HousingRotterdam can help you find a great studio anywhere in Rotterdam.

What is a studio 
A studio in terms of property is being defined as a large furnished room including bed, small kitchen or kitchenette and small bathroom with toilet. It is usually nicely furnished and somewhat more expensive than a room but a lot cheaper and a good alternative for a furnished apartment.  Please note that it is something else then a room! Often a room is also called a studio, but the big difference between the two is that with a room you share the kitchen, living room and bathroom with someone else.

The prices of a studio vary depending on area, quality level and rental period. If it is rented out as short stay apartment it is usually more expensive. But let’s say you rent it for a year or longer, you have to expect usually around € 500,- per month for 20m2 in Rotterdam, however prices can ranges from € 400,- to € 800,-. When paying more than € 500 euros, you should expect a high level of finishing and in the city centre. Or have more space than 20m2.

Studio Rotterdam: How to rent one?
Rotterdam has great possibilities to rent a studio. Most popular places are the city centre, Kralingen and Blijdorp. If you are looking to rent one, just search online or contact a real estate agent. Viewings you normally do yourself and if the landlord and you think you will be a good fit then you can start renting from the agreed date. However it is always good to have someone check the contract for you because normally it will be in Dutch. Of course HousingRotterdam can help you with that as well.

Please contact us for more information, or check out our offers of Studio’s in Rotterdam!


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