Student Housing Rotterdam

So you have decided to go study in Rotterdam, a great choice! Rotterdam is a great place to be with an excellent vibe! Also the Universities in Rotterdam have excellent facilities and our well know in the world. But now you have got to find a place to stay. Many students find it difficult to get a suitable place at a reasonable rate. Student Housing Rotterdam will try to help you enlighten the possibilities a bit more, what you should expect to pay and where to stay. This article assumes you are interested in renting a room, if you are looking for apartments consider these pages: furnished apartments or short stay apartments.


Rotterdam has many good areas to live in and as a student you have many options. Chances are big that you want to stay close to the university ánd close to the city centre. Of course this is possible but comes at a price. If you want this you probably have to pay around €400 – €600 per month excl. utities. You will be sharing your room with 1-3 other people and if you are lucky you will have a living room. Nice areas are Kralingen, City Centre, Blijdorp and Noord.

Student Housing Rotterdam
Student Housing Rotterdam

Close to Erasmus University
you prefer a quiet area and close to the Erasmus University, look for housing in “Het Lage Land” and “Prinsenland”. In these areas your are within biking distance from the University and close the park “De Kralingse Plas”.

Close to Erasmus MC and Hogeschool Rotterdam
If you go study at one off these schools you can look for housing in the city centre (“Stadscentrum” in Dutch), Cool or Middelland or close.

Smaller budgets – Rotterdam Zuid
If your budget is smaller you can consider renting a place anywhere in Rotterdam Zuid. Look for a place near the subway, so you still can get in town quickly. Your room rate will be around €300 a month so you can save some money there. Also “Spangen”, “Witte Dorp” en “Tussendijken” are cheaper, but these are not the best areas to live.

Price Student Housing Rotterdam
Below you will find a list of what prices to expect when renting a room in Rotterdam in each area. Off course everything depends on quality standards, surface area etc but considering a standard room with bed, closet and desk of around 15m2 excluding utilities and internet you can expect to pay the following:

  • City Centre – € 500,- and up
  • Kralingen – € 500,- and up
  • Blijdorp – € 400,- and up
  • Het Lage Land – € 400,-
  • Prinsenland- € 400,-
  • Rotterdam West – € 350,-
  • Rotterdam Zuid all districts – € 300,-

Add around € 50-75 euros a month for taxes, tv+internet and utilities.



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