Short Stay Apartment Rotterdam

When temporay moving to Rotterdam a short stay apartment can be a nice alternative from a hotel. You will have the convenience of a hotel in terms of all the facilities as TV and Internet as you can add additional services like cleaning services. On the other hand you will have the feeling of you own place when you have an apartment.

What is important when searching for Short Stay

On of the most important aspects searching an apartment is the area. Choosing the area obviously is based on your personal needs depending on what your preferences are and who you travel with. In Rotterdam you have different areas, the most popular areas are: Trendy City Center, Beautiful Kralingen and Good Old Blijdorp. If you are looking for a more residential area (and looking for a house), Hillegersberg is a nice place to be.

Second important thing obviously is price. Off course you can make it as crazy as you want but expect to pay in the area as mentioned above. Think of price between € 1.500,- and € 2.000 monthly, excluded

Short stay apartments in Rotterdam
Short stay apartments in Rotterdam

ing utilities and taxes. If you prefer upscale you can try the apartments in the little Skyscrapers Rotterdam has like De Rotterdam, 100 Hoog Rotterdam and The Muse. Expect to pay more then € 2.000 per month for these apartments, considering a surface area of 70m2.
If you have a lower budget you can try the following areas: Rotterdam Noord, Delfshaven, Middeland and het Lage Land. If you want a lot of space for your money, basically any area in Rotterdam Zuid will cover. That is south from the river ‘de Maas’.

Short Stay Apartments Rotterdam

Please find below some of the available short stay apartment we currently have listed.

The superior one bedroom apartment give you the feeling of being in your own apartment with the services of a hotel, whether you are looking for a short stay apartment or long term. The rooms have a high standard of finishing and great location. This apartment has a king size bed with a pull out […]

40 m² 1 bed 1 bath
40 m² 1 bed 1 bath

The one bedroom apartment gives you the feeling of being in your own apartment with the services of a hotel, whether you are looking for a short stay apartment or long term. The building has includes services like a gym, free wifi, 24-hours reception and more. And when you need anything extra during your stay, […]

35 m² 1 bed 1 bath
35 m² 1 bed 1 bath

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Additional Services
Every short stay apartment has TV and Internet and you can also expect cleaning services. However nowadays more and more apartments have services and facilities like Jacuzzi, Swimming-Pool, Fitness Centre, Food-delivery, Steaming Service etc.

Rental Period
When you rent a short stay apartment there is usually a difference between per day and per month. If you choose per day then expect more hotel like price between €100-200 per day. When opting for the monthly payment option expect something like the prices mentioned above (€1.500 and up).

We have a great variety of short stay apartments in Rotterdam. Please search through or portal or call us so when can help you directly!

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