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Are you interested in buying or selling investment properties in Rotterdam, please get in touch with us! Either send us an email or sign up for the investment property newsletter. We have basically 3 options:

1. Property Owner – I am a property owner looking to sell my property

Please send us an email to, with the property address and we will take contact with you asap.

2. I know someone who wants to sell its property

Great! We have an incentive program giving 1% of the transaction value for each tip which leads to a successful transaction. This means for a property sold for €300.000,- you will earn €3.000,-.

Do you have a tip? Please send us an email to, with the property address and we will take contact with you asap.

3. Investor – I am an investor looking for properties

Are you an investor and interested in buying (rented) real estate properties in Rotterdam, sign up for our email-list and get our latest off-market properties by email.

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Why invest in real estate properties.

There are many sound reasons to choose either residential or commercial real estate. If residential, the choices are broad. Where should the investment property, or properties, be located? What type of investment properties should be chosen? Options, driven by strategy and goals, include apartments, townhomes, single family homes, and multi-family homes such as a duplex, triplex or quadplex.

Investment goals help to determine a successful investment property strategy. Every expert on the subject agrees that there are many good reasons for buying an investment property, for example:

  • Equity growth and capital appreciation, because the real estate market is lower risk than many other markets which are intended to produce growth.
  • Wealth storage, especially for overseas investors who want a stable, productive, and appreciating asset in a lower risk market.
  • Getting the maximum tax benefits which will automatically lead to maximizing both yield and underlying price appreciation.
  • Ease of leveraging the investment to deliver the most profit.
  • A hedge against inflation because rental income produces not only an acceptable yield, but it can be raised at frequent, predetermined or agreed times (e.g. annually or when a new lease is signed.)
  • Deliver lifestyle benefits and emotional wellbeing because the asset is so visible, usable, and income-generating. And in the future, should it be part of the underlying strategy, may be lived in and enjoyed by the owner or their family.
  • Provide a well-proven market model for a family member can learn how to manage their own business enterprise before, say, getting involved in and then taking over the reins of the family’s primary business.

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