Taxes and Utilities when living in Rotterdam

As in every city you have to pay taxes and pay for gas, electricity and water usage. This page gives you and overview about the Rotterdam taxes. You can also find more about the latest taxes on the Rotterdam website. Usually the taxes are send by mail to you in the infamous blue envelop (pictured).

Taxes Rotterdam
Taxes Rotterdam

Taxes Rotterdam – owner

  • Real estate tax is calculated on the value of your house. This has to be paid by the owner of a house or the owner and user of a business real estate.
  • Water board taxes is charged to cover the cost of the sewers and has to be paid by the owner of the house. Moreover, the costs for treating of waste water is charged separately by the Water Boards and not by the municipality. For more information you can contact the Dutch Water Authorities.

Taxes Rotterdam – tenant

  • Domestic waste tax is meant to cover the costs of collection and processing of domestic refuse. This has to be paid by every household.
  • Dog tax is charged annually. Dog owners are required to submit relevant information to Belastingen.

Overview taxes Rotterdam 2017

Waste tax 1 person 2 or more
Yearly costs € 293,20 € 332,90

Dog tax 1st dog every extra dog
Yearly costs € 102,20 € 161,80

Sewage tax 1st dog every extra dog
Yearly costs € 102,20 € 161,80


In general you have three kinds of utilities: gas, water and electricity. However, some buildings have “blokverwarming” or “stadsverwarming” meaning heating provided by the apartment block or city. If you have this your gas costs should in general by lower because you don’t need it for heating.

As tenant is normal to be directly connected to the utilities company. Below you will find some utilities providers

Gas & Electricity

When you start renting – please make sure you will get connected to the utities asap as they might cut you off. To put you back on the grid, you will charged! If you sign up within 2 weeks, you will be fine!


The Netherlands has great quality water running through its pipes, often tested cleaner then bottled water! Possible waterproviders are Evides or Vitens.


How to get an apartment in Rotterdam

There are so many available apartment, rooms and apartments out there but still it feel almost impossible to get the right place according to your needs (and most of the time, your budget). How is this possible and why is it so difficult? And more important, how do I get this great place ASAP?

Tip 1  – Set your budget right!
First of all, you have to know what you can spend because this will be the most important factor influencing all the other items about location, type of residence, short term/long term etc. Your monthly budget should consist out of the monthly rent, utilities and taxes. Utilities for a 70m2 flat for normal usage are around 70 euros a month for 1 person. This is a very general costs but take it into account and ask the owner or agent what the previous tenant spent. For taxes, you will pay around 15 euro’s a month, but please check for the latest prices – in english too.

Apartment Rotterdam - how to get one easier
Apartment Rotterdam – how to get one easier

Tip 2  – Know exactly what kind of place you want
Secondly, it is very important to know what you are exactly looking for. Starting a search for “a place to stay” will give you many hits, but likely not the place you are looking for. So think of what kind of place you are looking for: an apartment, a house, a room etc. When you have done that, try to be more specific, for example do you I want a furnished apartment or unfurnished and do I want a big or small apartment or maybe even a studio. If you prefer to rent a room, then also decide what kind of place you want. You can have typical student place, this give you probably some better rates but can be a bit dirty too.

Tip 3  – Define your location
Thirdly, have a little search on what area in Rotterdam you are looking for. Do you rent an apartment in the city center, with all the city action there, or do you prefer a more quiet area outside of town?

Tip 4  – Approach the landlord like you apply for a job..
…the light version then.

Read the following messages which are perfect examples of how not to approach the agent or landlord:

Hi do you have apartments?

What about depozit?becuose where we live her they sold apartment and we must go from here until monday if you wait with depozit litle bit we can come and look ?now we can pay for one month and.litlle bit later depozit what you say?

Or this one

How much we pay for apartment?

Both approaches doesn’t give the landlord a lot of confidence in financial stability, interest and manners. It is much better to give more background about yourself, what you are planning to do in Rotterdam, what kind of apartment you are looking for etc. This will give the landlord more confidence in you and that you will be a good tenant and it will be easy communicating with you. See the next approach as example:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m contacting you regarding the apartment you offer for rent in Rotterdam. From the picture and the description about the place I can see that it really suits what I’m looking for ?

I’m originally from Spain but live in the Netherlands for almost 3 years now. I first did a master at the TU Delft and since last year I’m working at Cargill.

I’m currently living in a nice apartment in Blijdorp with other two girls but unfortunately out landlords are coming back home so it’s time for me to look for a new place. I’m looking for a beautiful and furnished house in Rotterdam, and I would specially like a quiet neighborhood so that’s why I think your house is perfect for me. My idea would be to look for a friend to move in with and share the costs of the house.

Would it be possible to schedule a viewing soon? And if you have any other questions please let me know ?


This tells the landlord that this is a well behaved girl, with a job and what knows what she want and has a clear plan. If you would be the landlord, based on the 3 messages, which one would you invite your apartment in Rotterdam?

Tip 5 – Try to speak to the landlord when you view the apartment.
Just as when you are applying for a job, the owner of the apartment wants to have a good relationship with the tenants. When are invited to the apartment on the place you want in Rotterdam, then try asking the landlord some questions about the apartment. What the utilities costs are for example, tell a little bit about yourself etc. Also, if you do, tell the landlord you like it and that you really want to have it. This will set you before the other tenants.

Tip 5 – Last but not least, be flexible!
The landlord obviously wants to rent out the apartment as soon as possible. If the place is granted to you but will only be able to start 2 months later, consider to move that to 1 month or even rent it directly. If you are planning to stay longer in Rotterdam, the costs of an extra month over several years is actually not that much.

Accommodation Rotterdam – what place should you choose?

Rotterdam is the city of the Netherlands with huge growth in popularity (even WSJ and NYtimes start writing about it), so you are at the right place, but now you need to have a place to sleep. Let us find the perfect apartment for your Rotterdam stay. Whether you are searching for the height of luxury in the city centre or a bargain in trendy Blijdorp, no other website offers as varied a range of accommodation types as Housing Rotterdam.

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Choosing the Right Type of Rotterdam Accommodation

We offer a selection of hand-picked short stay apartments, corporate apartments and a studios, but in particular we recommend our Rotterdam Short Stay apartments. The are apartments which are privately owned offered on a nightly basis, with levels convenience, comfort, privacy and value that directly challenged the hotels.


Choose the right accommodation Rotterdam
Choose the right accommodation in Rotterdam

Rotterdam City Lofts – For the ultimate stay in Rotterdam

If you want to experience how it is to live in the city centre like an expat, look at the city loft page. Here you will find a fine selection of high quality apartments, right in the heart of Rotterdam. You will experience all the luxury and convenience, ranging from free WiFi to cleaning services and additional options as well.

Studying at the Erasmus University? Sign up for the short stay accomodation for students!

A lot of students are planning to study in Rotterdam and are looking for the right accommodation. The first challenge is where to stay? In our districts page, you can find a description of the main districts in Rotterdam. For example students who prefer a quite area close to the Erasmus University should consider Het Lage Land. Others, who would to enjoy the nightlife and more student like experience can look at area’s in Kralingen or Blijdorp – but they need to expect higher pricing there.

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Our Rotterdam Apartments

Housing Rotterdam has a wide variety of accomodation in Rotterdam. The offer changes constantly and not all apartments are on our website, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Also, if you are a business, we are able to help you. We have several options to provide your employees with housing, close to your work or close to the city!

Videos About Rotterdam

Rotterdam High Buildings

Rotterdam is the most metropolitan city of the Netherlands. It has more than 20 buildings higher then 100 meter and 5 more then 150 meter high. And more skyscrapers are planned in the near future.

Maastoren Rotterdam – Highest building Rotterdam (Oct 2016)

#1 – Maastoren – 165 meters

With its 165 meters the Maastoren is currently (October 2016) the highest building in Rotterdam and also of the Netherlands. Located at the Maas, this building has around 40.000 m2 of office space and a parking garage managed by Q-park. It’s main tenants are Deloitte and AKD.







Highest residential building Rotterdam

#2 – New Orleans – 158 meters

The New Orleans building is the highest residential tower of Rotterdam. Managed by Vesteda its consists of around 43.000m2 of residential area. It has high end apartments of from prices ranging from € 1.500 to € 2.200 per month excluding service costs and utlities. In return the New Orleans building offers some extraordinary apartments with harbor view and high-end services like private health club, sauna, pool, roof-top terras and stunning views. Interesting in renting an apartment please go to or contacts us directly!






Montevideo Rotterdam

#3 – Montevideo – 152 meters

The Montevideo building was finished in 2005 and at the time the highest building of Rotterdam. Montevideo has 43 floors an
d has a residential function, just like its neighbor described above. It has very high end apartments with Waterview, Cityview and Skyview. Especially the skyview apartments are magnificant and especially designed to live the life you dream of.  The Montevideo building has both rental apartments has apartments for sale. When you are looking for an amazing apartment you definitely should have a look in one of these!