Rotterdam Het Lage Land District

Het Lage Land, a great area to stay in Rotterdam..
If you look at the map Het Lage Land has a great location in Rotterdam:

  • It is next to the park “Het Kralingse bos” as you can see on the map below.
  • If you would want to go to the city centre, is it just 15 minutes by bike
  • It is very close to the Erasmus University
  • Het Lage land is easy to access by car and the highway are easy accessible as well
  • It is a very quiet area as in there is not a lot of noise of cars and traffic.

So why isn’t this area super popular you ask? Well, this is because of the buildings, the number of restaurants/bars you find here, your neighbors and history.

..but it has its downsides.
Starting with history, the district was created in the early sixties of the 20th century. This neighborhood is very spacious (45 houses per hectare) and was build quickly and cheaply because Rotterdam needed to expand fast. As a result it looks pretty straightforward which doesn’t give a great atmosphere if you like to live in an urban area.  However, if you are the person who is looking for a quiet place to stay for studying for example this is the place to be.  Also you neighbors will probably be quit old, because the average age tends to be somewhat high in this area.

With regards to Horeca you won’t find many popular Restaurants and Bars here. Consider going to places in the Kralingse Bos, where you have 2 great restaurants.

Location Het Lage Land

Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area
Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area

You can see the brilliant location of “Het Lage Land” on the map above. The Erasmus University is where you find the red “A16” label.

Prices Het Lage Land
This area is relatively cheap in comparison to its location. You can buy an 80m2 apartment for around € 150.000. This would a lot more expensive if you would compare this with the neighboring area Kralingen or the City Centre.

Renting an apartment will costs between €800-€1000 euro for 80m2 as well. That is a lot of value for money! Student rooms would costs around € 450 per month per 15m2 meters and you will get a seperate living with that as well.

Apartments Het Lage Land

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Not a bad choice

If you consider moving to Rotterdam, Het Lage Land might be a very good option. Especially when you don’t care much about how the building you live in looks like and when you like a quiet area. For international students this might even be the best option!

Firday Market Het Lage Land Source:
Friday Market Het Lage Land Source:

Rotterdam City Centre District

Rotterdam City Centre Area

The City Centre of Rotterdam is has an interesting history. Being bombed in WWII and the cheap and fast constructed buildings which followed after the war was long a reason that this area was a place not to be. However, this change rapidly from 2000. Now, this area has a great variety of bars & restaurants, has a beautiful Central Station and skyscrapers are popping out of the group.

City Centre on Google Maps

The Rotterdam City Centre area can be found basically between Central Station and the river the “De Maas” as can be seen on the map below.

Rotterdam City Centre Area
Rotterdam City Centre Area. Source: Google Maps

The City Centre can be characterized a fast developing area mainly on new skyscrapers. Also this is the place where you will find the greatest amount of short stay and furnished apartments. Famous buildings as the Red Apple building ,Euromast, Cube-buildings and the Markthal in Rotterdam can be found here. Also a Park can be found in this area (see below).

Het Park Rotterdam


With the Central Station and Station Blaak in this area this area is easy to access by public transport. Also there are several subway tracks which can bring you all across the city centre. Even by car it is quite easy to reach but prepare to be in traffic during rush hours!


You can find several things to do here from nice bars & restaurants on the Witte de With street as well as museums.

Bars and Restaurants


Rotterdam City Centre Apartments

You can find a great deal of mainly furnished and short stay apartments here. You can expect amongst the highest prices here in Rotterdam, but in return you will be rewarded with a great location. And if you are lucky to stay in one of the high buildings as well, you will have an awesome view as well! To compare with other area, check out our furnished apartments page!

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Rotterdam Kralingen District

Rotterdam Kralingen is one of the most populair areas in Rotterdam. Whether you are a student or family, this is a great place to stay! Kralingen is very centrally located but has this old town feeling. You will be in town with 5 minutes bike tour. Also, if you are a student, this is a perfect area to stay since it so close to the Erasmus University.

The downside of this popularity are the prices of the area, they can be quite high!

Rotterdam Kralingen
Rotterdam Kralingen

Kralingse Plas

Kralingen is located next to the “Kralingse Plas”. This is the biggest park of Rotterdam and one of the reasons of its popularity. The park has a big lake in the middle where people can rent a sailing boat and enjoy the outdoors. Next to there are two nice Bar/Restaurants to be found there called De Tuin and De Schone Lei. Both are located at the water and especially De Schone Lei has a great view in the evening with the Rotterdam skyline in the back.

Kralingse plas Rotterdam
Kralingse plas Rotterdam

Housing Rotterdam Kralingen

Housing can be quite expensive in Kralingen due to its popularity. Expect to pay at least € 1000,- a month for a 50-60m2 bedroom. Maybe a better option is the rent a room for around € 500 – € 600 euros a month (excluding utilities). If this is not in your budget, check out areas in Rotterdam Noord /Blijdorp or even Rotterdam Zuid. If you like a more metropolitan feeling, check out the city centre area.

Please not that Rotterdam Kralingen has really nice buildings and really ugly ones. The latter were build just after WW2 and were build cheaply. Try to stay away from them or you would not enjoy the real Rotterdam Kralingen feeling!

Restaurants & Bars

Rotterdam Kralingen is very popular amongst students and hence the great offer of nice bars and restaurants. As said above “De Tuin” and “De Schone Lei” are nice option especially for eating and drinking the summer. In winter, you should try Locus Publicus, a very cosy bar specialize in serving all kinds of beer with a nice fireplace in winter.


Videos About Rotterdam

Rotterdam High Buildings

Rotterdam is the most metropolitan city of the Netherlands. It has more than 20 buildings higher then 100 meter and 5 more then 150 meter high. And more skyscrapers are planned in the near future.

Maastoren Rotterdam – Highest building Rotterdam (Oct 2016)

#1 – Maastoren – 165 meters

With its 165 meters the Maastoren is currently (October 2016) the highest building in Rotterdam and also of the Netherlands. Located at the Maas, this building has around 40.000 m2 of office space and a parking garage managed by Q-park. It’s main tenants are Deloitte and AKD.







Highest residential building Rotterdam

#2 – New Orleans – 158 meters

The New Orleans building is the highest residential tower of Rotterdam. Managed by Vesteda its consists of around 43.000m2 of residential area. It has high end apartments of from prices ranging from € 1.500 to € 2.200 per month excluding service costs and utlities. In return the New Orleans building offers some extraordinary apartments with harbor view and high-end services like private health club, sauna, pool, roof-top terras and stunning views. Interesting in renting an apartment please go to or contacts us directly!






Montevideo Rotterdam

#3 – Montevideo – 152 meters

The Montevideo building was finished in 2005 and at the time the highest building of Rotterdam. Montevideo has 43 floors an
d has a residential function, just like its neighbor described above. It has very high end apartments with Waterview, Cityview and Skyview. Especially the skyview apartments are magnificant and especially designed to live the life you dream of.  The Montevideo building has both rental apartments has apartments for sale. When you are looking for an amazing apartment you definitely should have a look in one of these!