Taxes and Utilities when living in Rotterdam

As in every city you have to pay taxes and pay for gas, electricity and water usage. This page gives you and overview about the Rotterdam taxes. You can also find more about the latest taxes on the Rotterdam website. Usually the taxes are send by mail to you in the infamous blue envelop (pictured).

Taxes Rotterdam
Taxes Rotterdam

Taxes Rotterdam – owner

  • Real estate tax is calculated on the value of your house. This has to be paid by the owner of a house or the owner and user of a business real estate.
  • Water board taxes is charged to cover the cost of the sewers and has to be paid by the owner of the house. Moreover, the costs for treating of waste water is charged separately by the Water Boards and not by the municipality. For more information you can contact the Dutch Water Authorities.

Taxes Rotterdam – tenant

  • Domestic waste tax is meant to cover the costs of collection and processing of domestic refuse. This has to be paid by every household.
  • Dog tax is charged annually. Dog owners are required to submit relevant information to Belastingen.

Overview taxes Rotterdam 2017

Waste tax 1 person 2 or more
Yearly costs € 293,20 € 332,90

Dog tax 1st dog every extra dog
Yearly costs € 102,20 € 161,80

Sewage tax 1st dog every extra dog
Yearly costs € 102,20 € 161,80


In general you have three kinds of utilities: gas, water and electricity. However, some buildings have “blokverwarming” or “stadsverwarming” meaning heating provided by the apartment block or city. If you have this your gas costs should in general by lower because you don’t need it for heating.

As tenant is normal to be directly connected to the utilities company. Below you will find some utilities providers

Gas & Electricity

When you start renting – please make sure you will get connected to the utities asap as they might cut you off. To put you back on the grid, you will charged! If you sign up within 2 weeks, you will be fine!


The Netherlands has great quality water running through its pipes, often tested cleaner then bottled water! Possible waterproviders are Evides or Vitens.


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