Rotterdam Het Lage Land District

Het Lage Land, a great area to stay in Rotterdam..
If you look at the map Het Lage Land has a great location in Rotterdam:

  • It is next to the park “Het Kralingse bos” as you can see on the map below.
  • If you would want to go to the city centre, is it just 15 minutes by bike
  • It is very close to the Erasmus University
  • Het Lage land is easy to access by car and the highway are easy accessible as well
  • It is a very quiet area as in there is not a lot of noise of cars and traffic.

So why isn’t this area super popular you ask? Well, this is because of the buildings, the number of restaurants/bars you find here, your neighbors and history.

..but it has its downsides.
Starting with history, the district was created in the early sixties of the 20th century. This neighborhood is very spacious (45 houses per hectare) and was build quickly and cheaply because Rotterdam needed to expand fast. As a result it looks pretty straightforward which doesn’t give a great atmosphere if you like to live in an urban area.  However, if you are the person who is looking for a quiet place to stay for studying for example this is the place to be.  Also you neighbors will probably be quit old, because the average age tends to be somewhat high in this area.

With regards to Horeca you won’t find many popular Restaurants and Bars here. Consider going to places in the Kralingse Bos, where you have 2 great restaurants.

Location Het Lage Land

Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area
Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area

You can see the brilliant location of “Het Lage Land” on the map above. The Erasmus University is where you find the red “A16” label.

Prices Het Lage Land
This area is relatively cheap in comparison to its location. You can buy an 80m2 apartment for around € 150.000. This would a lot more expensive if you would compare this with the neighboring area Kralingen or the City Centre.

Renting an apartment will costs between €800-€1000 euro for 80m2 as well. That is a lot of value for money! Student rooms would costs around € 450 per month per 15m2 meters and you will get a seperate living with that as well.

Apartments Het Lage Land

[listing location=”het lage land”]

Not a bad choice

If you consider moving to Rotterdam, Het Lage Land might be a very good option. Especially when you don’t care much about how the building you live in looks like and when you like a quiet area. For international students this might even be the best option!

Firday Market Het Lage Land Source:
Friday Market Het Lage Land Source:

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