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Are you thinking of moving to Rotterdam and are you looking for a house or apartment? Housing Rotterdam can help you finding the right place at the right place. If you are going to work here you probably first need some short stay apartment to find the right place. After that will probably move in a furnished apartment or buy a house if you prefer if you are moving with family for example.

Also students can find a right place to stay at Housing Rotterdam. Look at our pages Student Housing Rotterdam for example to find the place you need.

Markthal Rotterdam: Spanish bazar in city centre
Markthal Rotterdam: Spanish like bazar in city center

Rotterdam: Upcoming city of the Netherlands!

Rotterdam is gaining popularity fast! Before the 2000 Rotterdam used to be a typical urban city with a lot of concrete and no character. You had to live there to love it. That changed. Especially over the last 15 years Rotterdam got a lot of nice bars and cosy restaurants. There is now a perfect combination of the metropolitan feeling together with architecture, nightlife and living.  Also the housing in Rotterdam has improved a lot: from architectural beauties like the markthal (see picture) with eat&dine purpose like the Spanish do as well as some great skyscrapers newly build like ‘The Rotterdam’. This is also something which can be seen back in the prices of housing and apartments, which are now higher than peak year 2008 (Jan, 2017).

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